Basketball Skill Development & Consulting

DJ Wilson
Milwaukee Bucks (17th Pick, 2017)

Marquese Chriss
Phoenix Suns (8th Pick, 2016)

Capital Christian HS '14, Max Preps All-State(2nd Team), Max Preps All-NorCal(1st Team), Max Preps D IV MVP

Pleasant Grove HS '15,  Max Preps All-State Honorable Mention, Sacramento Bee All-Metro Team

"With the effectiveness and intensity of Jared's workouts he helped me impress many of the coaches who were watching...​He helped fine tune areas of my game and help me advance my skills. Overall he has helped me get ready to play at the BIG10 level and hopefully to the next level when my college days are over."
"When I had my first training with Jared I realized he was the real deal. Before then I made my way through basketball just off of athleticism, dunks, rebounds, and blocks. But once I consistently started to train with him I gained a consistent jump shot, improved my ball handling ability and confidence with the ball in general. On the court in the gym he pushed me to get better and was hard on me, but off the court he cared for me like a little brother. With him I greatly improved my basketball and mental skills on the court."

Colin Russell
UC Davis '19

Alec Andrews
Cal Tech '20

Folsom HS '15, SFL All-League(2nd Team), DRL All League(1st Team)

"If I were to give one reason, one man, one name for what I have become as a basketball player, Jared Waters is the name you would hear.  He offered to start training me and I thought I might give it a try.  That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Jared isn’t like any trainer I’ve ever met before, he sincerely cares about the player he’s training.  Many trainers have different agendas, many are in it for the money, but Jared doesn’t care about the money.  As long as you’re working hard and improving that’s the biggest reward for him.  Before I met Jared, hopes of playing basketball in college were close to non-existent.  The three years I worked with Jared turned me into a whole new basketball player. From my skills, footwork, work ethic, and mindset I needed to have, he helped form it all.  And when all is said and done I came out with a DI scholarship to the University of Portland. I owe a huge portion of my accomplishments to Jared and every time I tell him he replies the same way. 'I didn’t make you who you are today, I just gave you tools to get there.'"

Folsom HS '16, SFL All-League(Honorable Mention), Sacramento Bee All-Metro(Honorable Mention)

"Jared’s training was an integral reason why my high school team was able to go as far as we did and his training and guidance has let me grow not only as a player, but also as a person. His basketball IQ is off the charts and he prepares me to succeed both mentally and physically. He makes sure that the people that he trains are constantly working hard, but yet keeps the workouts fun and engaging. I recommend him to any player who is serious about improving, regardless of skill level, age, or gender. He pushes me outside of my comfort zone because he knows, from experience, that that’s what it takes to succeed. I have complete faith in Jared that his teaching will be the key factor in the realization of my dream to play college basketball."